Amazon HQ2 rumors rattle New York and DC real estate markets

Washington, DC( CNN Business) It hasn't been announced yet. It wouldn't happen for months, if not times after it was announced. But Amazon's possible entrance in Northern Virginia and Queens, New York, have so far been mailed shockwaves through smothering real estate markets.

All of a sudden, the two-bedroom condo in a 1980 s-era build that had been sitting on the market for nearly three months with no offers, even after a price slash, had a flood of interest. Gemond did eight indicates in one day, for people who wouldn't tell her why they were interested — but who she supposes were either investors looking to turn the quality or lease it out at an inflated charge, or parties from firms planning to locate near Amazon if it moves in.

“It feels like that instant in a horse race where all the ponies are lined up in the starting gate, ” says Gemond. “They're time antsy and ready to should be going, they're waiting for that gate to be lifted.”

She wouldn’t sell home to Trump fans — now price is $100G lower

A California woman’s refusal to sell their own families dwelling to a Trump supporter may have cost her more than $100,000.

WTF??? Priest Slaps Crying Baby During A Baptism!

People have more than enough concludes to be outraged these days. But in case you're looking for another, here's a video of a clergyman slapping a baby.

The 43 -second clip, which was recorded during a baptism in France and initially shared on Reddit, pictures a pastor clutching onto the aspect of a son as he sits in a woman's appendages and wails.

After attempting to console the crying brat, the clergyman tries a different approach and slams him from all the regions of the cheek. Oh hell no!

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Naturally, the capability of Christ simply impelled the child sob louder, eventually motivating a serviceman( presumably his father) to pull the boy away from the priest's almighty grasp.

It was awkward and preposterous — but as far as priest gossips move … not the worst!

Watch the clip( below ).

[ Image via YouTube .]

Kelly Clarkson Performs The Perfect Opening Medley At The Billboard Music Awards!

What an opening routine !!!

Kelly Clarkson is hosting the Billboard Music Awards this year, and she seemed a little nervous starting off the register , mentioning how she wasn't a comedian, and parties would hopefully be kind to her in her hosting effort!

But you know what ?! We envision she's was really damn good — especially after that strong opening word she made about artillery cruelty in America, and that wonderful opening medley she put together for us!

Ch-ch-check it out( below )!!!

Dua Lipa Held It Down At The Billboard Music Awards Watch HERE!

Dua Lipa did her thing at the Billboard Music Awards !!

Unapologetically and ferociously! Adore it !!

Ch-ch-check out the highlights( below )!!!