WTF??? Priest Slaps Crying Baby During A Baptism!

People have more than enough concludes to be outraged these days. But in case you're looking for another, here's a video of a clergyman slapping a baby.

The 43 -second clip, which was recorded during a baptism in France and initially shared on Reddit, pictures a pastor clutching onto the aspect of a son as he sits in a woman's appendages and wails.

After attempting to console the crying brat, the clergyman tries a different approach and slams him from all the regions of the cheek. Oh hell no!

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Naturally, the capability of Christ simply impelled the child sob louder, eventually motivating a serviceman( presumably his father) to pull the boy away from the priest's almighty grasp.

It was awkward and preposterous — but as far as priest gossips move … not the worst!

Watch the clip( below ).

[ Image via YouTube .]

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