CNNs Anderson Cooper Calls Out Sean Hannitys Massive Conflict of Interest With Michael Cohen

Fox News anchors have been hesitant to criticize their colleague Sean Hannity in light of todays news that he was represented in some fashion by President Donald Trumps personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

But CNNs Anderson Cooper did not hold back in condemning Hannitys blatant conflict of interest at the top of his prime-time show Monday night. Cooper noted to viewers that the most stunning moment of Cohens court hearing came when his lawyer was forced to reveal the identity of his mystery client and reluctantly named Hannity. So it would seem the president and Sean Hannity share more than dinners and frequent phone calls and a mutual love of Fox News programming, the anchor said. They also share an attorney.

He went on to air the clip of Hannity insisting on his radio show this afternoon that Cohen has never represented me in any matter even if he did occasionally have brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective. Hannity also said he assumed their conversations were confidential.


So he seems to be saying, I wasnt really a client of attorney Michael Cohens but our conversations were confidential because he is an attorney and I am his client, Cooper remarked. In either event, Cooper pointed out that Hannity had reported on the FBI raid on Cohens office last week as if he had absolutely no connection to the story.

Instead, Hannity told viewers the raid was proof that special counsel Robert Muellers witch hunt investigation is now a runaway train that is clearly careening off the tracks.


No disclosure, no disclaimer, not even a casual mention that, Oh yeah, this guy also represents me in some form or fashion, mostly real estate, Cooper said, echoing Hannitys defensive statement on Monday.

After playing a clip from Hannitys radio show in which he said he can only imagine where Muellers fishing expedition will lead, Cooper replied, He can definitely imagine at least one place where it might leadto his own name.

Not disclosing a business or legal relationship with someone you report on and have had on as your guest at least 16 times since Donald Trump declared his presidency, that doesnt sound either fair nor balanced, he concluded.

Meanwhile, during the same hour on Fox News, Tucker Carlson defended his colleagues privacy, telling viewers, Sean Hannity is a talk show host. Hes not under investigation by anyone for anything. Who he hires as a lawyer and why is nobodys business.

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I want the same tax-cut deal Apple is getting

(CNN)As Americans work this week to finish their tax returns, I'm having a bout of envy, watching with longing while the biggest US corporations repatriate assets they formerly held overseas to avoid paying taxes as high as 35%, prior to the recent overhaul.

Now, with taxes as low as 15.5% for cash and stock gains and only 8% for real estate and hard assets, US multinationals will feel minimal pain when accessing an estimated $2.6 trillion in overseas earnings. And taxes on future gains may be negligible.
Thus, have Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Coca-Cola and other heavyweights been incentivized to repatriate billions of dollars in overseas profits. And the mandatory tax can be spread over eight years.
The cash grab is funding everything from paying down debt and fueling mergers to increasing dividends and share buybacks, as well as R&D spending and employee bonuses — Apple gave employees $2,500 in stock-related bonuses. It also is an attempt to eliminate corporate inversions, whereby American companies move their official headquarters to lower-tax havens like Ireland, the United Kingdom and Bermuda.
Now, I'm no Apple and have never held a nickel in a foreign subsidiary. But as a small business owner who has kept his nose down for more than 30 years, I know what it's like to have a modest cash pile locked up and inaccessible except under extreme taxation, so that it might as well be in Ireland, or on Mars. It's called a retirement account.
Although I've passed the gateway age of 59½ when funds can be withdrawn without penalty, I'm still working full tilt in the highest tax bracket of 37%. That means every dollar drawn from my pension plan today would yield only 63 cents. It's like holding the keys to a brand-new Mercedes, knowing the moment you drive off the lot it becomes a used Saturn with rust buildup and worn brake pads.
Each month I receive an optical illusion from my financial adviser showing the state of my retirement account. The pie-chart amounts look tempting, but I know from calculating taxes that the actual portion is a sliver beyond my grasp. There ought to be a sticker printed on the statement: “Caution — retirement objects are smaller than they appear.”
To be fair, that's the trade-off many of us made decades ago when first contributing to IRAs, Keoghs, 401(K) and other tax-deferred accounts we knew would someday come due. Only the idea was that the day you started withdrawing the funds was when you stopped working and your reduced income dropped you into a lower tax bracket, so you could enjoy more of the fruits of your toil.
Today, many people across all professions are laboring deep into their 60s and beyond, knowing how much of their nest eggs will pour into taxes as soon as they crack them open. Consider that for married couples filing a joint return for 2018 with a combined income of more than $315,000 — substantial compensation, but hardly big-shot bucks in major urban markets such as New York — the federal tax bite is a hefty 32%. As much as 10% more vanishes if state and local taxes are factored in. For couples earning $165K-$315K, federal taxes will taketh away 24% in that bracket. And those percentages are actually a drop from what rates were in 2017.
And so, we continue to defer, defer — which may cover our geriatric nursing care when that sad day comes but does nothing for the here-and-now.
I propose a radical idea to help Americans connect with their “offshore” savings while their golden years are still relatively golden. Offer an optional “deferment reward” tax of 15% for anyone wishing to access their retirement funds after, say, 62, regardless of personal bracket or amount taken. For the lowest earners, taxed at 12% based on joint incomes as meager as $19K, impose a token tax of 5%, or have mercy and grant amnesty.
Some will call it economic lunacy to encourage Americans to tap their retirement reserves prematurely, especially since US savings rates are near historic lows and life expectancies stretch beyond those of our parents' generation. How many 67-year-olds have stashed away 10 times their salary — the amount Fidelity recommends as a safe target for retirement income at that age?
But for someone like me, who has dutifully shoveled money into retirement vehicles for more than 35 years, going back to when my bracket was far humbler, a tax of nearly 40% on distributions seems grinchy. So does 32%. Ditto 24%!
Just like Apple and Alphabet, however, I would willingly pay a 15% levy to liberate cherished funds that could be put to all sorts of mature use — a five-star vacation and sapphire bracelet for my wife, but also overdue apartment repairs, grad school tuition for one of our children, charitable donations, music theory classes, or reinvestment in my company with bonuses for longtime employees. In other words, things I can't quite spring for now because I try to live well within my taxable means with minimal indulgence.
I'd still grudgingly accept full taxation on professional income earned now — if I'm fool enough to continue working like a maniac at age 64, then I deserve to be taxed like one. And let the IRS set an annual, percentage withdrawal cap so that people don't get carried away and drain their savings on casino runs (it's doubtful that most pre-retirees will suddenly go hog wild.)
But if our biggest corporations merit a holiday for their convoluted foreign tax schemes, shouldn't individuals and families get a break for dipping into their hallowed retirement earnings, even if they're not ready to quit working?
Wouldn't it be better to have some of that money in circulation now, to spur economic activity as well as to fulfill personal goals long held in check by the tax man?
And there could be another benefit. The Congressional Budget Office recently projected the federal deficit will surpass $1 trillion in the next two years, in the wake of “significantly reduced revenues and increased outlays.” Meanwhile, total US retirement assets were estimated at a whopping $28 trillion at the end of 2017, with at least $8 trillion represented by IRA accounts and another $5.3 trillion held in 401(k) plans. Consider how far the government might go in closing some of its budget gap if millions of Americans were motivated to pay even a fraction of their deferred retirement taxes years ahead of schedule, rather than continuing to engage in an unwanted game of “kick the can.”

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Here's a tip to Congress and policymakers: Let Americans whose retirement savings are held hostage by excessive personal tax burdens reclaim their funds at reasonable rates worthy of corporate elites. My money's been out of reach long enough. Let me bring some of it back home and feel what Tim Cook and his fellow CEO's have been feeling.
An earlier version incorrectly described the tax rates companies will pay for repatriating assets held outside the US, due to an editing error.

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How To Select The Right Realtor To Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be a daunting task. You would want that your home goes to the best buyer and at the best price. To avoid taking all the trouble yourself and save time, take the services of a realtor who can help you get the best deal. They are paid on a commission basis, the more houses they sell, they more they earn.

A realtor can be trusted as they are a member of the National Association of Realtors and can lose their membership for corrupt practices or negligent work. They are aware of the market conditions and the value of property in your area and will also understand your needs and priorities. They know how to list your property with proper pictures and information to help your house get maximum exposure.

How To Select the Right Realtor?

Get Referrals – It is the most common way to look for realtors. You can get referral from a friend, colleague or family member. Check online sites to see the list of realtors in your area. You can also browse ratings and reviews of those realtors given by current and former clients. This will help you get an insight into the skills and ability of the realtors and aid you in making an informed choice.

Interview the Realtors – After you have shortlisted a few people, it's time to meet them and discuss relevant points. Ask them how long they have worked in the real estate, the types of sale they specialized in and the clients they have served. Also tell them about the property and your expectations. It is important for the realtors to be tech-savvy as it will help him handle the online customers. A good realtor will be able to make a cutting-edge plan and execute it to sell your home at the best possible price to the best possible buyer.

Price – Brokerage is not set by law or regulation. Ask them about the commission they will take and if there are other fees or charges which you will have to pay.

Make A Choice Based on your Needs – You will have to be clear about your needs so that when you meet and interview the realtors, you will be able to select one whose strength best matches your needs.

In today's technologically advanced environment, it is not difficult to look for a realtor. Considering the above mentioned points will help you find the best one to fit your needs.

How Real Estate Professionals Help You SELL Your Home

Most people realize, when they decide to sell their home, they can either attempt to do – it – themselves (known as a FSBO), or hire a real estate professional, to help get it done. When one decides to not take advantage of a real estate agent, and thus uses the For Sale By Owner approach, he must familiarize himself with the advertising necessities, be on – call to show the house, know what to say, understand the legal requirements, paperwork, etc. Surveys indicate that the single – biggest reason, these people say they use this approach, is to avoid paying a commission, yet studies done for NAR (National Association of Realtors) consistently indicate that FSBO‘s usually get a lower selling price, so even after a commission, it would still pay to use an agent. In addition, few of these individuals realize the amount of time, details, efforts, etc, involved, which might explain why about 90% of these people eventually turn the job over to a real estate professional. So, let's, from a mnemonic perspective, examine how real estate professionals help you SELL your home.

1. Specific system; strategy; search: A qualified, quality, real estate professional uses a specific system, to market your home, to its best advantage. This begins with explaining pricing, staging, clutter, curb appeal, etc, and getting you to understand, and agree to a mutual strategy, which will best serve your interests! In addition, agents have access to many areas to search for buyers, come into contact with other agents, and generally, get more potential buyers, to take a look.

2. Experience; expertise: Just as you have a job or profession, where you have the experience and knowledge, an agent's job is marketing and selling homes. Let the real estate professional's expertise work to your advantage, and listen to his or her suggestions, ideas, etc. When agent and homeowner work as a team, you get the best results!

3. Listen: The right real estate agent, for your purposes, will listen attentively to you, to learn your thoughts, concerns, ideas, misconceptions, suggestions, priorities and goals. We usually say, we try to help a homeowner, get the best available price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle, but which of these is most important to you.

4, Learn; leading; listing: Listening will help the agent learn about you, and tailor – make a strategy, specifically for you! Agents must urge homeowners to make the best decisions, for the homeowners' best interest, sometimes despite themselves. This begins with getting the best listing price, from the onset, so the house is best – positioned to sell!

Obviously, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, I have a personal bias, and strongly believe homeowners benefit, when they select the right real estate professional. Isn't the purpose of deciding to put one's home the market, to SELL it?

Why Moms Spawn the Best Realtors

Picking a great Realtor is a big decision. They have to be someone who you can get along with and someone who will have your best interests in thought. A mummy is the perfect Realtor. Review about it, what is a mom use to doing? Maintaining her household in working order. She has all the skills already to be a Realtor. She is organized, on the following schedule and places others needs above her own.

We don't need to be told by a document that it is our fiduciary is under an obligation put your interest above that of our own. We do that on a daily basis in our own lives. We are always putting our children and spouse first. We will do that for you, extremely! We are steadfast. Being a mommy is hard work. Some dates, you may simply want to run away, but you have a responsibility. You are steadfast to your family. We are loyal to our customers.

We are innovative. You have to be with adolescents. How else do you keep them dominated on a rainy day? Real possession involves imagination, too. We will find the excellent channel to sell your home. We can think outside of the box and come up with a scheme. What may work for one room, my not work for the other. The same with kids, they're not all the same.

We have composure. We have encountered our children destroy some of our most prized properties. We have watched them try to learn to try their shoes and we patiently watch … over and over. We know that buying a residence is a big decision. We will be patient with you and help guide you through the process.

We are responsible. We have to be. We have these minuscule beings that are counting on us for everything. As a Realtor, we are responsible for you. We will work hard to got to get best available cope, the best price and make sure that you are happy in the end.

We are regulated. We don't like to hear no. We are in charge of our residence, our family and working our children. No one shambles with that. In real estate, we stand ready to get you everything that you want. We stop at nothing. The message “no” , not in our vocabulary!

We are trustworthy. You can't tell your child that you will do something and not keep your utterance. That is asking for a total meltdown. If we tell you something, we will get it on. You can trust that we are fighting for you and will retain our word.

We are good at communicating. We will never leave you speculating what we are doing. We will tell you every step of the acces what the fuck is up and what you can expect.

These are the reasons why being a mom does for the excellent Realtor! We have already grown-up the qualities in our every day life to stimulate the perfect operator. So, go out there and find your next Realtor … and make sure she's a mom!